Lily Guilder

Style Fairy


Designer CAITLIN STOLLEY HAS A LONG HISTORY OF CHANNELING THE SPIRIT AND ENERGY OF HER CUSTOMERS INTO EXQUISITE GARMENTS. After graduating with a theatre degree from Northwestern University, Caitlin moved to NYC and gained experience in costume design for stage and screen, bolstering her conception, construction, and sourcing skills along the way. She started making one of kind fashion pieces in 2003, founded Lily Guilder in 2006 and has since created limited edition capsule collections in locales such as Bali, Indonesia (2007), Los Angeles (2008), Belize (2013), Colorado (2014), & Nashville.Mirroring her Granma (and LG company name inspiration) Lillie’s focus on quality and long- lasting artifacts, Caitlin scours the world for top- quality faux fur, fabrics and pleather to build her designs. Her commitment to cruelty- free textiles is complimented by a strong environmentalist ethic; consciousness is part of the brand DNA. Lily Guilder saves every off-cut and turns what would be trash in an another studio into beautiful one of a kind clothing and embellishments. 

You are Beautiful…. slip into something more Fabulous!! Intagram:@lilyguilder